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Kick the Tire and Light the Fire our team from the East coast (Melbourne area) has made it to the top of the competition circuit.  Cooter, Mike, and Mad Dog will will insure your event has the "kick" it needs to be a huge success.  Outstanding food, great stories, and best of all they know how to "Light it Up"




Our next team reigns supreme on the circuit.  Squeals on Wheels is versatile in menu and a real winner.  If you like Southern food coupled with Southern Rock then S.O.W. is the team for your event.  With such menu items as Pork, Beef, Chicken, Clams, Sausage, and even Corn on the Cob S.O.W. has it all for your event and John is personal friends with none other then the King of Southern Rock: "Mr Charlie Daniels" so expect some good tunes while the food is cooking. 

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